Hiring a Trucking Company

New York Knuckleboom Truck Rental | NY Rigging Company

If you have heavy equipment that needs moving, costs can escalate quickly if you don’t use the right company for the move. Not all heavy transport companies are the same, and there are some things you should review to find the correct Trucking company for your needs.

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Working with Machinery Movers

New York City Knuckleboom Trucks | New York Rigging and Trucking

Working with heavy machinery and equipment is inherently dangerous. Most large machines are unwieldy, top heavy, prone to accidental damage, and require special handling techniques. The moving of heavy machinery is a task which should only be attempted by true professionals – those who have the specialized skills, training, and equipment necessary to safely accomplish it. But how should you go about selecting the right machinery mover for you? Our general contractors have got a few tips to help you find the right machinery moving company to work with.

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Discover the Top 3 Rigging Myths

NY Rigging Myths | New York Trucking Company

Rigging is a common and safe way to move, lift, and install large, heavy, or unwieldy objects. It allows you to handle large equipment, but can also be useful and cost-effective for moving smaller objects as well. There are myths that have developed around rigging that keep customers from realizing its full potential.

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Services Offered at Durso Trucking

NY Trucking Services | New York Rigging & Knuckle Boom

Durso Trucking Services Inc. in Tappan, New York, is your home for specialized trucking, boom and rigging services. For over 60 years we have provided solutions to complex problems in a family owned and operated environment. We offer services like operating and maintaining heavy rigging, specialized lifting and transportation, and storage. If you want a job done right, trust our certified crane operators and field personnel. We will move whatever you need in the most professional and effective way.

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Welcome to Durso Trucking for Knuckleboom needs in Manhattan

NY Trucking Services | New York Rigging & Warehousing

Durso Trucking Services Inc. offers comprehensive solutions to your complex problems. We have over 60 years of experience offering specialized trucking, boom services and rigging, and can understand your requirements and get the job done right. We take pride in our certified crane operations, field personnel, and other professionals, who all work to make sure that your project gets done in an efficient and safe way.

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