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If you have heavy equipment that needs moving, costs can escalate quickly if you don’t use the right company for the move. Not all heavy transport companies are the same, and there are some things you should review to find the correct Trucking company for your needs. The right trucks for the job — You can incur a lot of costs if you hire a transporter, only to find out they don’t have the correct capacity trucks for your move and the job gets delayed. NY Rigging CompanyCosts can also be excessive if you discover too late you will be paying for trucks that are oversized for your needs. The trucking company will charge you for the truck you order, whether it’s the correct size or not. What your budget allows — You have a business to run, and you know what your budget will allow for moving expenses. You need to review company bids carefully, watching for excess charges or other fees that could push the bill above your budget limit. Also try to find companies who will offer you packages or can tailor the move to suit you better than a one-size-fits-all proposal. Bundling can save you money — Being able to put together a package of services will help your bottom line. Look for trucking companies who can connect you to other services. Perhaps you need equipment moved that requires new concrete pads or electrical work at the receiving site. If a trucking company has trusted contractors who can perform these services, you may get a lower package cost, and regardless will save time not having to piecemeal these jobs yourself. Pay for experience, not just low price — An experienced trucking company may not be the lowest price, but has the experience to overcome obstacles that can happen with any move. A low-cost trucking company may have less experience, or perhaps less favorable ratings, and has to reduce costs to stay in business. Don’t be afraid to ask potential trucking companies for references to clients who have used their services. It’s your money, so use it wisely on an experienced trucking company. Show me the insurance policy — You don’t want to save money by hiring a trucking company that isn’t insured, or is underinsured. Errors and accidents can happen, and that is not the time to discover your trucking company doesn’t have coverage to repay the loss if your equipment gets damaged or destroyed. Choose wisely, and choose insured trucking companies. Durso Trucking has an extensive inventory of trucking, equipment moving and lifting, and rigging services that we can use to create tailored moving contracts for you. If you need to move, place, store, or rig almost anything, Durso can help you with our professional personnel and years of experience. We are available to the greater Tappan NY area, so give us a call before your next moving job.

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