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Rigging is a common and safe way to move, lift, and install large, heavy, or unwieldy objects. It allows you to handle large equipment, but can also be useful and cost-effective for moving smaller objects as well. There are myths that have developed around rigging that keep customers from realizing its full potential. new york rigging servicesLet’s review them and try to debunk some of the incorrect information about them.

  • 1. You only need to rig for large projects — Although rigging is common on large equipment jobs, it also will make handling any object or equipment easier for a business owner. It will also protect your employees, by allowing the professional rigger to handle the job safely. Whether you have a factory, construction company, or trucking company, consider rigging for all your jobs.
  • 2. The riggers all use the same techniques, so I can choose the lowest bidder — Rigging is complex, and established rigging companies will use similar techniques. That alone should not cause you to choose the least expensive rigger. There is more to a good rigger, including the equipment they use, the available manpower, their successful history of rigging without damage to equipment, safety record, and so on. Do your homework, check references for prospective rigging companies, and choose a company with a good track record, not just the lowest price.
  • 3. Rigging companies are only useful for moving objects — This may be the least understood aspect of rigging companies. Good riggers not only move your equipment, they can provide a wide range of other functions. Job planning and proposals, equipment movement and placement, and ongoing maintenance services may all be available from a rigging company, avoiding the need to use multiple companies on a job.

Durso Trucking and Boom Service provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Flat-bed
  • Trailer
  • Boom services to transport and move a wide range of materials
  • Forklift rentals
  • Barrier moving and rental
  • Barrier rental and moving
  • Warehousing
  • Escort permits

Our trucking services company can be your full-service contractor for rigging and transport jobs, so give us a call before your next job.

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