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Working with heavy machinery and equipment is inherently dangerous. Most large machines are unwieldy, top heavy, prone to accidental damage, and require special handling techniques. The moving of heavy machinery is a task which should only be attempted by true professionals – those who have the specialized skills, training, and equipment necessary to safely accomplish it. But how should you go about selecting the right machinery mover for you? Our general contractors have got a few tips to help you find the right machinery moving company to work with.

The Right Know-How

There is no substitute for knowledge and expertise. The most effective method of safely moving heavy equipment and machinery is only acquired through extensive experience. Knuckleboom Truck RentalBefore selecting a machinery moving company, do a little background checking. How long has the company been in business? Are all company personnel adequately certified? Asking a few important questions up front will save you plenty of frustration in the long run.

The Right Track Record

Along with the proper experience, it’s important for any good machinery moving company to have a great track record. Take a look at reviews of the company and speak with previous customers. Does the company complete jobs on time and within budget? Can the company provide you with references who can verify the quality of work performed? Make sure any prospective company can handle the scope and volume of work that you need completed.

The Right Equipment

No organization can perform effectively without the correct equipment. Make sure that any company you consider working with has all the necessary tools of the trade. Such equipment includes mandatory rigging gear (dollies, rollers, jack sets), heavy-duty forklifts capable of lifting large loads, equipment attachments for hoisting, low-profile cranes, and trailers and vehicles for transportation.

The Right Insurance

All machinery moving companies must carry adequate insurance. The right insurance should provide coverage not only for the equipment being moved but for any accidental or consequential damage that may occur while moving it. The goal is always to avoid any accidents, but it pays to be prepared. Contact our trucking services company for more help.

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